Sonic Triple Trouble - Mega Drive Remake
Title screen of the game

Painto maniak

Based on:

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Sonic Triple Trouble - Mega Drive Remake is a work-in-progress hack by Painto maniak. Very little information about it was released to public. There isn't any known information about the progress.

Known information Edit

Very little is known about STT - MDR. As for now, the only known content is the intro sequence, which is based on the original. A video of it was posted on YouTube and with it's help on few Sonic-related forum including Sonic Retro and SSRG. Reaction to it was very positive.

As for now, the progress is unknown for the public, but the hack is being worked on.

Videos Edit

Just another boring Sonic 2 hack..00:37

Just another boring Sonic 2 hack... BUT IS IT?

Video of intro sequence posted on YouTube

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